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Exporting Aperture 3 thumbnail images to Evernote


Simone Paoletti
AKA oraziosimone

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A simple applescript which will post image thumbnails from Aperture right into Evernote.

Requires Aperture 3 (not working with previous versions of Aperture)

How it works:

  1. 1)select images inside Aperture

  2. 2)run the script

It will first ask (through dialogs) for a note title and a text line. It will create a new Evernote note containing, for each image:

  1. a)the thumbnail of the image

  2. b)image information like: image name, image_ID, Project name, date, focal length, aperture, exposure time, ISO, lens model

NOTE: the image_ID is a unique alphanumeric code identifying the image within Aperture. Using this ID it is easy to retrieve the image inside Aperture’s database


this script is provided as it is. You are free to modify the code for your personal use.

Try it at your own risk. No guarantee !