a Java application to retrieve module, sensor and hybrid data from the Tracker Data Base

Tutorials- Manuals:

Installaltions and update instructions:


Plugin inside BigBrowser:
  1. download for Windows (trkNav_BigBrowser.tar.gz for Linux) inside the directory where BigBrowser is installed.
  2. unpack it: this will add dbmod.jar inside the lib directory, will replace jas.jar with an updated version and will install the trkNavigator.class inside the plugin directory
  3. add $INST_DIR/lib/dbmod.jar to the CLASSPATH (you can see the reference BigBrowser.bat script for windows - and BigBrowser for linux - in order to locate where the CLASSPATH is set)
  4. execute BigBrowser: trkNavigator will be accessible from the "plugin" menu.

Stand-alone program via relay application:

  In a machine with java installed, execute the class DBModules of package dbmod ( java dbmod/DBModules ) making sure that dbmod.jar, jas.jar and xercesImpl.jar (all supplied inside the lib directory) are included in the CLASSPATH. The distributions below (for Windows and Linux) supply as an example the executable trkNav.bat ( which makes use of the java virtual machine coming with the BigBrowser program.

  1. download for Windows (trkNav.tar.gz for Linux)
  2. place it inside the TrackerDB directory where BigBrowser is installed
  3. unzip the file (tar -zxf trkNav.tar.gz  on Linux)
  4. edit the trkNav.bat script and set the INST_DIR environment variable to the same value as in the BigBrowser script
  5. Execute trkNav.bat


Version upgrade

If you have trkNavigator already installed and want to upgrade it to a new version, download the latest dbmod.jar and use it to replace the old one in the "lib" directory.
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