Test of radiation hardness in Dubna (Russia)
December 8-10, 2001

At the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research we tested a Flash Memory chip for Single Event Upset (SEU) and Latch-up (SEL). Other 15 components, belonging to 2 DC/DC converters, have also been tested for Latch-up. We used low energy, heavy ions (24Mg at 150 MeV/n) in order to maximize the energy transfer to the chip. A MOSFET suffered a failure due to Latch-up. A detailed report of the test is available (ps, pdf).


Some pictures of Russia:

The Flash Memory on the beam line
The beam spot after the collimator (diameter=12 mm)
Dubna #1
Dubna #2
Moscow #1
Moscow #2
Frozen lake near Dubna
Control room at JINR #1
Control room at JINR #2

Another similar test has been performed in March 2002: several MOSFETs have been extensively tested on ion beam in order to better investigate the MOS vulnerability with respect to Latch-ups. No SEL has been observed.

List of the components tested for total dose and SEU/SEL starting from 1999